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Peter B. Záboji created the European Entrepreneurship Foundation (EEF) in 2005, to finance the very first Accelerator program in Western Europe. Since 2009, EEF provides a multitude of programs and events in the CEE capitals: promoting entrepreneurship & building an ecosystem for business creation.

Our Team

  • Gabor Bonyhadi

    EEF Fellow

    Gabor joined EEF team after graduating from EEF's Startup Accelerator in 2011. He is helping the team in marketing and advertising matters . He is actively spreading the E virus amongst members of the Budapest startup community.

  • Peter B. Záboji

    Founder & President

    Corporate man turned entrepreneur turned private equity investor. Peter used to teach entrepreneurship at INSEAD, Fontainebleau; now running a rich E program in the CEE region.

  • Tamas Hende

    EEF Chapter Zurich

    His friendship with Peter dates back to his 2009 master thesis research on leveraged buy-out deals. Being fascinated with entrepreneurship, this transformed organically into becoming an Advisor to his Mentor, as Tamas was involved in many aspects of EEF's fast-pace development in the recent years.

  • Imre Hild

    EEF Chapter USA

    EEF Entrepreneur-in-Residence from 2009 -2012. As a serial entrepreneur, he moved on setting up iCatapult - a global startup development company. He now heads EEF's US chapter.

  • Joe Kerekes

    EEF Fellow

    Joe is an alumnus EEF's Autumn 2009 accelerator program. As HAESF Fellow (1 year internship in the US), he successfully attracted more than 10 HASF graduates to EEF's program.

  • Réka Kovács

    EEF Intern

    Reka joined EEF as a summer intern in May 2013.

  • Laszlo Kovari

    EEF Chapter Prague

    Laszlo joined EEF in 2011. He is our HR guru who runs the Jobs Dashboard. He heads EEF's Prague chapter.

  • Tivadar Limbacher

    EEF Fellow

    An alumnus of the Autumn 2009 course who turned entrepreneur. His second company is Ma etse Szinház! Also, he helped fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Budapest., and holds the most illustrious title of official EEF photographer.

  • Gabor Papp

    EEF Alumnus

    Gabor is our IT director and a highly productive team member.

  • Zoli Piroska


    EEF Entrepreneur-in-Residence since 2009. As a successful serial entrepreneur from San Francisco, Zoli is committed to help integrate the local ecosystem with leading tech hubs.

  • Bernadett Polya

    Communication & Community

    Bernadett joined EEF as a summer intern in May 2013. In August, she assumed a full-time position, responsible for Communication and Community.

  • Barna Sepsey

    New Media

    Barna (19) is a university student and an entrepreneur. The Pitch, his venture is an online publication addressing the young generation and providing quality infomation about the startup world around us. Barna wants to encourage stundents to become an entrepreneur. Barna joined the EEF team in late2013 and will help us in new media matters and generating content for the Hungarian media.

  • Csaba Szabo

    EEF Chapter Transsylvania

    Csaba is an alumnus of the Spring 2010 accelerator course and a graduate of Singularity University (SU), organizing startup competitions in for SU in the CEE region. He heads EEF's Transylvania chapter

  • David Szabó

    EEF Fellow

    David is an intrapreneur in Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud business in Central & Eastern Europe. He is advisor to startup businesses such as Tresorit, and a change agent using LEGO SERIOUSPLAY to rejuvenate old tech firms and find new business models. David is also a husband, dad, barefoot runner, hobby drummer and blogger.

  • Péter Szántó


    Peter is a startupreneur, leveraging his experience from USC, California. He is founder of a social media and mobile business development firm, servicing startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. B Creative – founded in 2009 – grows at a 3digit rate annually. Peter is also a speaker at conferences.

  • David Trayford


    David is Entrepreneur-in-Residence since 2010. Owner of Wow Media and Project Coach at Singularity University; David started his working life in London in finance -banking and then derivatives broking- before moving Budapet. He recently founded – CEE’s best connected co-working space.

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