Two types of change, one question

There are two types of change in a career and organizational setting:

- change born out of necessity

- change born out of an internal vision

Some positions should never be filled by people who want in because of their conditions: unhappy with current boss, job, etc., needs more money, being bored, etc.

TOP positions should never be occupied by such people!

While the job descriptions for top positions rarely list internal vision, this can’t be an excuse for people who have one and see what needs to be created to just take a number and comply with mediocrity.

The other side of the coin is even more interesting: managers who never had any kind of authentic vision or never acted on one always experience a severe identity crisis once they are out and no longer have a business card with a title on it: if you ask them “what do you want“, some answer with articulate and colorful platitudes others with embarrassed confusion but all with the same message: to get hired!

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