The safe choice

Once we become aware that it’s a safe choice, it is of course no longer safe. It’s always safe relative to something and that something tends to be the right one and in comparison to the right one, the safe choice presents the wrong compromise; from a higher point of view the wrong compromise is never safe!

There is of course the question of the stupid choice; but the opposite of the stupid choice is not the safe one, but also: the right one.

The safe choice is of course always “smart”, it always makes a lot of sense, it’s easy to find support for it.

From a higher point of view the safe choice is always unintelligent and this always becomes evident in the long run. It’s enough to think about CEO and board hires without perspective, turnarounds based on pure cost cutting, divesting the wrong divisions based purely on past performance, passing on or making investments based on herd mentality and many more.

Choosing safe, when being aware of what’s right shows a lack of integrity.

Once we become aware, we must choose right!