Natural Language Processing Software Engineer

  • HackFwd
  • Hamburg, Germany

Job Description

About us

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About the job

Develop new domains and languages for the system Analyse and improve the NLP components


... have expertise in statistical and rule-based NLP techniques

... are highly motivated, goal-oriented and excited by the challenges that await you in a startup company

... are familiar with different machine learning systems

... have solid programming experiences in Java or C++

... have a great sense of humor and you can’t wait to be part of a great team that builds up an awesome company

... hold a degree in computer science or computational linguistics

Of course, you will participate in the company\'s stock option plan.

Would you like to be part of our team? We can’t wait to receive your application.

Please include a description and links to source code that you have written, as well as links to your GitHub account, open source contributions or your own projects. We are excited to see how your past efforts can contribute to our future success.

Apply through the website - link provided above!